Men’s Association of Norman | Wing Hunt

Sometimes projects come with no instructions, and sometimes they come to me with a good foundation but not much more. This project was of the later kind. An acquaintance associated with the Men’s Association of Norman contacted me for help creating the flyer for their new fund-raising event, a European-style pheasant hunt followed by a dinner and fine scotch tasting. The image on the left was what he designed on his own, but as he said, it “really just needs some help.”

The basic information was provided, though awkwardly so in both layout and wording. The flyer was completely redesigned and rewritten to better convey the message and details of the event and organization.

Though the work was not extensive and had a relatively quick turn-around, it is a good example of the projects I sometimes take for little or no charge. Many local charitable organizations simply don’t have the resources to adequately promote their events, however with a little of my time I am able to attract more attention to some of their wonderful causes.


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