About Me


I hold a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture. After graduation, jobs in that industry were scarce due to the Great Recession so I parlayed my innate creative ability, knack for customer service and extreme attention to detail into freelance graphic design, eventually building my  career in marketing and communications. Although this path didn't lead me where I thought it would, I can't complain about the view.

Now, I have nearly 15 years of experience in everything from graphic and web design to copywriting, editing and publication as well as internal and external communications, strategic marketing, social media management, event organization and project management related to all those areas. I also take occasional freelance projects through my business, Curse Creative LLC, working with local businesses and nonprofit organizations to showcase their impact, brand and expertise.

I am meticulous and organized, and although I love the efficiency of working independently I also appreciate the diversity of working in a team and with clients. 


I live, work and play in central Oklahoma City. Coming from the suburbs, I never would have imagined how much impact a thriving, connected urban environment would have. Every day, I’m grateful to be part of the history, diversity and vibrancy of this place.

I have an unwavering commitment to my community. I have served on the board of my neighborhood association nearly as long as I have lived in the neighborhood, and through that have connected to our historic preservation board and other area-focused organizations. I have made so many great connections throughout the city by taking part in events, attending public meetings and actively engaging with leaders.


The short list of nonprofessional hobbies, interests and things I should do more of includes baking, sewing, gardening, saving strays, photography, fast cars, video games, antique oddities, making things, fixing things, running, traveling to off-beat places, visiting local museums and having a good beer with neighbors – not necessarily in that order. I've been told by others that I am honest, direct, loyal, independent, sarcastic and funny – again, in no particular order, though direct should probably be near the top, or just listed twice. There have also been more colorful adjectives, but let's keep it professional. 

Also, in lieu of an updated professional headshot, please enjoy this vintage photo of me with some gigantic sweet potatoes.