Nifty Wallpapers from David Vineis

C’mon, Friday! I have a work-free week waiting for me on the other side of you! Until then, I’ll just have to bide my time and enjoy the link provided by one of my favorite blogs How About Orange. These designer chair desktops are amazing, I may have to replace my “retro electronic cats European advertisement”…

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Nifty Wallpapers from Elanor Grosch

Eleanor Grosch Wallpapers

Happy Monday! I think I’m finally over my allergy fit… of course, as I type that last part I can hear the landscapers approaching on their mowers, so we’ll see. Anyhow, one of my favorite blogs How About Orange recently posted a link to these 32 illustrated desktop wallpapers from Eleanor Grosch. Don’t you just love them?!…

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