It’s that time again… TBCH Golf 2013

… for the TBCH Golf Tourney! Or at least the publicity design for the tournament. Though my only experience with golf involves cussing and pounding my clubs into the ground at the driving range (in hindsight, probably unappreciated by my fellow drivers), Thunderbird Clubhouse lets me do whatever I want when it comes to design.…

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Adam and Dylan

I spent some time with my nephews while my sister and her family were in town. Below is a pretty good depiction of the week….

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Censorship Distilled

Sometimes I just have to draw what comes to mind. It’s like therapy. See more thought-provoking posts on their Facebook page or (I’m not actually associated with them, but they’re good people and I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.)

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Trying it out

Pre-build concerns

So I’m still working out the details of this site and I’m trying out this blog part. I’m not sure I’ll keep it up but I’ll at least be able to say I tried it! Blog or no blog, I’m excited to be working on a site dedicated solely to my design work. I’m expecting something like…

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