I’m a fun designer to work with

I’m designing a friend’s wedding invitations. When she’s not flooding me with links to ideas, here’s how our conversations go: I don’t treat all my clients this well, just the ones I’ve known for 8 years.

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Photoshopping work peeps

Over my 21-month employment here at the university, I’ve done some amazing things when it comes to design. I’ve created crisp new logos, I’ve designed pieces with only a whisper of direction from my superiors, I’ve been recognized by others on campus for my contributions to our college communications…. but somehow the one thing that…

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Happy birthday, Friend!

handmade blue craft birthday card with buttons lace and punches

I created another Fancy Birthday Card a few days ago and I’ve been patiently waiting to post it. I didn’t get it to my friend in time for her birthday  and I didn’t want to spill the beans (the mail doesn’t run on Sundays… a fact I forgot when I was timing this card’s delivery). My…

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Cupcakes for Kelly

Kelly's Cupcakes

A coworker is leaving today. To wish him the best I made cupcakes and told everyone that they can have one but they have go to his office and say a kind farewell to get one… The photos are “outakes” from a quick photoshoot for the college’s website. The resident PR Director and photographer said,…

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Halloween Cards!

orange white punch lace bronze brad handmade Halloween card

I updated my Invitations + Cards page to include this year’s Halloween cards! About half the cards I made this year are pictured. Later I’ll probably separate the cards from reception invitations when I get all my invitations photographed.

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