Right-click an image to save it to your desktop. I’m a Sooner, but we’re all Okies. Want to know more? See Google Image here.

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Annie Git Yer Cardstock!

My state recently decided something called “Open Carry” is a good idea and today is the day it goes into effect. Coincidentally, it’s also Dia de los Muertos. Anyway, because I don’t have much care in gun laws one way or the other, I’ll celebrate it like I celebrate anything else I don’t know much…

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Censorship Distilled

Sometimes I just have to draw what comes to mind. It’s like therapy. See more thought-provoking posts on their Facebook page¬†or¬†singletreeproductions.com. (I’m not actually associated with them, but they’re good people and I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.)

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