I’m a guest blogger!

As you may know, I am employed at the OU in the College of Liberal Studies. Our focus is mostly older, “nontraditional” students with full time jobs and families and generally more going on than an average 19-year-old. So many students are either far away or just too busy to be part of a traditional college experience and it can sometimes be a real challenge to keep them motivated and feel involved in a community they may not physically ever be a part of.

However, after a marketing conference in Las Vegas (totally business… and not just funny business, I swear!), my kickass coworker and I hatched a plan to liven up the one blog our college has managed to keep alive. The problem is, it’s not necessarily alive on it’s own as she- being the Director of Communications- keeps it on life support by assisting the author on what would otherwise be pretty weak posts (sorry, dude… but the content is just so dry) and cross-promoting it on Facebook and Twitter.

We decided to basically commandeer the existing blog and start post periodically about everything from ways to help manage your schedule to things to keep your offspring from driving you mad while you study. I have no kids but she has two awesome step children under the age of 13, and though she went straight through school with little delay, I didn’t graduate until I was much older than I should have been. Together we can offer some insight and fun that a million “How to be a good student” PDFs just can’t.

We combined our efforts for a “meet your resolutions through time management” post, then we each posted something about how we manage our lives. So, want to see what we did? Well, cruise on over to The Nontraditional Learner and take a look. Not bad for a first try…. I mean, if we’re starting out this great, just think of the possibilities!

PS- Here’s an image from that post… *hint*hint* it’s about keeping this daydreamer on track….
Laura's closet

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