I have a shop… again

Several years ago I started an online vintage store. It was an excuse to vintage treasure hunt and allowed me a to buy the most ridiculous, awesome stuff I found. Though it slowed some when I started working at the university, I closed up shop completely in early 2013 when we started looking for a house. Unfortunately, that left me with…

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Etsy vs. eBay?

As I’m sure it’s listed somewhere on this site, I have a vintage resale shop powered through eBay named Pink Laurel Vintage. I started it when I was working from home as a way to suplement my income as a freelance designer. It actually started taking up as much or more of my time so it’s…

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New (job and) terrarium

I found myself an exciting new job at my university. I’m now working with my College of Architecture spinning many plates. Mostly PR, e-community management, event planning, web and print graphic design and probably a whole host of other things I’ll run into on the way. Anyhow, sometime toward the end of last year I picked up…

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Photoshopping work peeps

Over my 21-month employment here at the university, I’ve done some amazing things when it comes to design. I’ve created crisp new logos, I’ve designed pieces with only a whisper of direction from my superiors, I’ve been recognized by others on campus for my contributions to our college communications…. but somehow the one thing that…

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Paper bouquet just in time for Spring!

Paper flowers - thumbnail

When it comes to keeping the attention of coworkers during boring monthly meetings, I’m not above bribing them with candy and bright colors. These quick homemade promotional flowers with our blog and Facebook addresses turned out even better than I imagined! They are a great use of your less desirable or stockpiled cardstock, plus they’re surprisingly simple!…

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Cupcakes for Kelly

Kelly's Cupcakes

A coworker is leaving today. To wish him the best I made cupcakes and told everyone that they can have one but they have go to his office and say a kind farewell to get one… The photos are “outakes” from a quick photoshoot for the college’s website. The resident PR Director and photographer said,…

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I’m a guest blogger!

Laura's closet

As you may know, I am employed at the OU in the College of Liberal Studies. Our focus is mostly older, “nontraditional” students with full time jobs and families and generally more going on than an average 19-year-old. So many students are either far away or just too busy to be part of a traditional…

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Paper Ball Attempt #1

Papercraft Paper ball

My awesome coworker and I tried to create something for a work-related holiday project. Not too bad, considering it’s just tissue-thin copy paper and highlighter. I’ll be sure to better document our construction process next time, it’s quite comical.

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