UPDATE: New chairs!… sort of…

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was having some chairs upholstered with some really chic fabric. As it turns out, in my haste to find the absolute most wonderful print, I neglected to actually consider this fabric’s use. I chose a fabric that although very thick, isn’t woven particularly tight. This means it wrinkles, puckers… but worst of all it won’t hold up well on the chairs because of their broad, flat cushions. Thankfully I have a very kind upholsterer who pointed all this out after only cutting a very small test piece of my fabric… now I just have to find a use for 17 yards of green and white chevron fabric.

So back to the Fabric Factory I went. This time I actually took the time to ask the salespeople their thoughts and settled on a Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is some miracle material that doesn’t fade or stain easily so though I found a lighter color, I’m hoping it won’t show wear too bad.

Of course I forgot to take a good photo of the fabric, but it looks similar to the fabric on the chair and ottoman below (From Lonny: May 2012).

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