Fall 2013 Mantle

This is my first mantle decor! This is very exciting because the last house didn’t have a mantle so I finally have one to decorate. Unfortunately, due to the lack of unpacked decorative items, it’s sort of a mash-up of whatever I could find. Vintage books, grapevine pumpkins, sticks with dried orange berries, jute spears, an art nouveau illustration, and a vintage pocket watch in a cloche. It worked out nicely that the primary colors are orange and yellow, with natural browns and tans – very fall indeed. It’s certainly not bad for being thrown together in a pinch, and it’s just in time for Thanksgiving!

2013 Fall Mantle - LauraAnneStone.com2013 Fall Mantle - detail iron mermaid books pocketwatch- LauraAnneStone.com

2013 Fall Mantle - LauraAnneStone.com

2013 Fall Mantle - detail books - LauraAnneStone.com

2013 Fall Mantle - detail iron star lantern jute balls - LauraAnneStone.com

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