A quick holiday invite

2015 holiday party invitaion

My mother asked me to create an invitation for her staff holiday get-together. Not bad for an hour or so. Unfortunately I like it – a lot – so it’ll be tough to get it out of my head when I do our holiday greetings this year. 

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2013 Holiday Dining Room Decor and Centerpiece

2013 Holiday Dining Room - juniper topiary red lantern centerpiece - LauraAnneStone.com

Tomorrow the family I referenced in the hallway painting post will be here. I already have my mantle all worked out so the only other place I really wanted to spruce up was the dining room. You can see the stripes are gone and the creamy color I used on top of my 3 layers of…

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Winter Holiday 2013 Mantle

2013 Winter Holiday Mantle - LauraAnneStone.com

Round two for the new mantle! This time I de-cluttered it some. I switched out the two black candlesticks for a huge wooden one and made use of the gorgeous pine cones from the previous house. I also made a boxwood wreath and topiary ball from the hedges and used vintage Mason and Atlas jars filled with…

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Fall 2013 Mantle

2013 Fall Mantle - LauraAnneStone.com

This is my first mantle decor! This is very exciting because the last house didn’t have a mantle so I finally have one to decorate. Unfortunately, due to the lack of unpacked decorative items, it’s sort of a mash-up of whatever I could find. Vintage books, grapevine pumpkins, sticks with dried orange berries, jute spears,…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Fluffy Tissue Paper Valentine Wreath

A few weeks ago I decided to try a tissue paper wreath. It’s pretty easy and, for me, pretty cheap. I’ve been trying to use up my craft scraps and this was a good way to use up all my single sheets of pink tissue paper… plus some white… and some retail sheets that ended…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Gifts for Pets (and using leftover craft scraps)

About two weeks ago I wrote about my pine cone door hanger. I’ve also crafted a few other things… Though I’m no longer a starving student, the crafty poor kid in me still likes making handmade gifts. While I was waiting for inspiration to strike looking through Martha Stewart’s homemade gift ideas, I found a Feather Cat Toy and…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Pine Cone Door Hanger

About this time last year I wrote about not decorating because I was busy… and lazy. But mostly busy. Anyhow, this year I’ve been just as busy but I’ve done much better. Because the door had been naked since Halloween, I decided start there. I didn’t want to get out on Black Friday so I decided to…

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