I have a shop… again

Several years ago I started an online vintage store. It was an excuse to vintage treasure hunt and allowed me a to buy the most ridiculous, awesome stuff I found. Though it slowed some when I started working at the university, I closed up shop completely in early 2013 when we started looking for a house.

Unfortunately, that left me with 20+ containers of neatly packaged and labeled vintage items. I considered selling off the entire collection, but that’s obviously the easiest solution so I didn’t do it. Instead, this summer, I opened an Etsy store.

It took lots of research and option-weighing. There were lots of reasons (e.g., I read once that Ebay is for quantity while Etsy is for quality, not to mention Ebay’s increasingly complicated listing process and search filters), but basically it shook out in Etsy’s favor. Care to see what I sell? Visit my store.

The only problem? Sometimes I have trouble letting go of things. I usually end up posting it, but only after I Gollum-out about it. Case in point, this turquoise Pyrex refrigerator set I kept. Did I need them? Nope. Did I ever use them? Nope. Did I keep them locked away hoarder-style in my teeny kitchen cabinet just because they’re pretty? Yep. So eventually they went to a better home.

0Other stuff I had trouble parting with:

0shoes2shoes shoes3shoes4

Not all of them are sold, but once they’re listed they are dead to me. Otherwise I’d lock them back up in my own closet… again.