I have a shop… again

Several years ago I started an online vintage store. It was an excuse to vintage treasure hunt and allowed me a to buy the most ridiculous, awesome stuff I found. Though it slowed some when I started working at the university, I closed up shop completely in early 2013 when we started looking for a house. Unfortunately, that left me with…

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Thunderbird Clubhouse Honor

TBCH Volunteer of the Year

Last week I got a letter in the mail from Pam Sanford, the director of the Thunderbird Clubhouse. She asked if my husband and I would join her at their annual meeting where they honored me as volunteer of the year. It is so nice to know that not only is my work appreciated by others but…

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Oreo Truffles!

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Truffles Sprinkles

My co-work-blogger and I have, at this point, totally hijacked our college’s blog in an effort to create better, more interesting content so we can interact with and better serve our students and alumni. This week’s engaging, family-friendly content was a simple recipe for a sweet Valentine’s Day-themed foodstuff crafty craft. We spent Super Bowl Sunday…

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Censorship Distilled

Sometimes I just have to draw what comes to mind. It’s like therapy. See more thought-provoking posts on their Facebook page or singletreeproductions.com. (I’m not actually associated with them, but they’re good people and I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.)

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