More design posts on the way!

Happy Campers | We're In Tents

I’ve not had very many design-related posts lately. Work was running me dry so my energy was depleted by 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday. On weekends the house usually bogarts our time, which I’m alright with since I love it so much and all, but it just leaves so little time for actual creative design. Well,…

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Right-click an image to save it to your desktop. I’m a Sooner, but we’re all Okies. Want to know more? See Google Image here.

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Photoshopping work peeps

Over my 21-month employment here at the university, I’ve done some amazing things when it comes to design. I’ve created crisp new logos, I’ve designed pieces with only a whisper of direction from my superiors, I’ve been recognized by others on campus for my contributions to our college communications…. but somehow the one thing that…

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I saw a popular movie this weekend *gasp*

Drive movie

As I’ve said before, I don’t go see movies and since we’re huge nerds our PlayStation usually is either occupied playing games or showing documentaries. However, this weekend we watched Drive. I know it’s been out for a while but given that I’m behind the theatrical curve and it was just added to Netflix this week, I’m…

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Adam and Dylan

I spent some time with my nephews while my sister and her family were in town. Below is a pretty good depiction of the week….

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Censorship Distilled

Sometimes I just have to draw what comes to mind. It’s like therapy. See more thought-provoking posts on their Facebook page or (I’m not actually associated with them, but they’re good people and I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.)

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