I saw a popular movie this weekend *gasp*

As I’ve said before, I don’t go see movies and since we’re huge nerds our PlayStation usually is either occupied playing games or showing documentaries. However, this weekend we watched Drive. I know it’s been out for a while but given that I’m behind the theatrical curve and it was just added to Netflix this week, I’m doing pretty well.

Drive movie

It’s pretty good and didn’t end up being the movie I was afraid it would be based on my husband’s level of enthusiasm (we own Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, need I say more?)… but more importantly, it was full of cheesy 80s movie fun! The music, the scorpion jacket, the angles, it was all a pretty good rendition of what the 80s car movies would have been if they had been given decent story lines. I definitely recommend it on a no-niños evening (it gets a little violent).

So now I guess I need to start embracing my 1980s roots. Not because it’s popular, but because- despite all my efforts to think otherwise- the 80s were pretty cool. Brace yourselves, we may be in for some designs with eye-scorching neon… or maybe just some acute angles.

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