Design-In-Progress: TBCH Golf Tournament 2012

This year marks the 5th year the Thunderbird Clubhouse has held a golf tournament. Last year was the first year they had my help creating their flyer. This year they said, “Can you just change the date on last year’s? That way you don’t have to do any real work on it.” HA! As if…

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Gone Fishin’ 2012 part 2

THCB fishing tournament cartoon

In case you’re wondering… I did eventually finish that Thunderbird Clubhouse 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament cartoon. In fact, I’ve actually finished the whole flyer… and the registration… and the big posters…. and the tee shirt design (that’s right, this year we have SHIRTS!). Here’s the finished cartoon of Rowdy and his new lady friend Sheila.…

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Thunderbird Clubhouse Honor

TBCH Volunteer of the Year

Last week I got a letter in the mail from Pam Sanford, the director of the Thunderbird Clubhouse. She asked if my husband and I would join her at their annual meeting where they honored me as volunteer of the year. It is so nice to know that not only is my work appreciated by others but…

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