Design-In-Progress: TBCH Golf Tournament 2012

This year marks the 5th year the Thunderbird Clubhouse has held a golf tournament. Last year was the first year they had my help creating their flyer. This year they said, “Can you just change the date on last year’s? That way you don’t have to do any real work on it.”

HA! As if I could ever leave well-enough alone! We’ve been re-playing Bioshock (nerdy, yes… but it’s like my bad eyesight, it’s just part of who I am) and that game always makes me want to design more vintage-style pieces, and with a half-decade of tournaments under their belt I decided it was distinguished enough to warrant a logo… so I sketched this:

which turned into this:

and then this:

Of course I have no idea if they can even use them because the Fishing Tournament is less than a month away and is the primary focus right now. So June 3rd I’ll hopefully know for sure… but even if not, I’ll just change it to my own name and have my own kickass tournament. I mean, I can’t let that go to waste.

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