Oreo Truffles!

My co-work-blogger and I have, at this point, totally hijacked our college’s blog in an effort to create better, more interesting content so we can interact with and better serve our students and alumni. This week’s engaging, family-friendly content was a simple recipe for a sweet Valentine’s Day-themed foodstuff crafty craft. We spent Super Bowl Sunday making Oreo Truffles with our families and we documented the process. These are really easy to make, easy to decorate, and require only a few ingredients (in order of importance: cookies, cream cheese, something to dip them in, sprinkles, nuts, or other decorations… no kidding, that’s it). We had all ages, from 8- to 40-years-old, help and they seemed to suit everyone’s level of kitchen expertise. Basically, if you can crush things and mix things and refrain from sticking your hand in molten hot stuff (or at least have a supervisor) you can make these.

I must mention however, don’t be suckered in by their delicious spherical cuteness… more than a couple in one sitting can lead to sugar-induced comas. You’ve been warned….

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Truffles Sprinkles

See the recipe and our Oreo Truffle outakes…. err, I mean photos at The Nontraditional Learner (there’s a link to the downloadable printer-friendly PDF at the bottom of the post).

These make great inexpensive (cheap!), unique handmade gifts and can be decorated for any holiday…. so watch out, Arbor Day… truffles are coming for you!

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