Pet party!

The down side to having adopted pets is that you never really know their whole history. Birthday, parents’ issues, actual breed or genealogy. Of course, the trade off is that you have fantastic pets that love you more than anything and you have the satisfaction knowing that you saved a life. The other good thing is that you can sort of make up a birthday any time you want. I decided Tyson and Milo’s birthdays are in mid-summer.  Now Milo isn’t as keen on a party as Tyson will be, and if you’ve ever met Roxie you know she’s happy as long as there is movement and people. Luckily Jeremiah’s birthday is also mid-summer so I think I can get away with throwing Tyson a party but disguising it as a celebration for Jeremiah.

Either way, I noticed Love vs. Design recently added a free printable set of pet party accessories. I love that I’m not the only person who would throw their furkid a party! So get your party face on, Tyson. We’re throwing you a bash!


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