Winter Holiday 2013 Mantle

2013 Winter Holiday Mantle -

Round two for the new mantle! This time I de-cluttered it some. I switched out the two black candlesticks for a huge wooden one and made use of the gorgeous pine cones from the previous house. I also made a boxwood wreath and topiary ball from the hedges and used vintage Mason and Atlas jars filled with…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Gifts for Pets (and using leftover craft scraps)

About two weeks ago I wrote about my pine cone door hanger. I’ve also crafted a few other things… Though I’m no longer a starving student, the crafty poor kid in me still likes making handmade gifts. While I was waiting for inspiration to strike looking through Martha Stewart’s homemade gift ideas, I found a Feather Cat Toy and…

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Pet party!

The down side to having adopted pets is that you never really know their whole history. Birthday, parents’ issues, actual breed or genealogy. Of course, the trade off is that you have fantastic pets that love you more than anything and you have the satisfaction knowing that you saved a life. The other good thing is…

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