Though this blog has not been updated in a few years, the posts with historic restoration project information is still regularly visited so I've continued to keep it available. I hope to post additional how-to and preservation projects in the future.

Censorship Distilled


By Laura | January 23, 2012

Sometimes I just have to draw what comes to mind. It’s like therapy. See more thought-provoking posts on their Facebook page or (I’m not actually associated with them, but they’re good people and I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.)

Thunderbird Clubhouse Fishing Tournament 2012 drawing in progress close up

Design-In-Progress: Gone Fishin’ 2012

By Laura | January 22, 2012

It’s that time again! I almost can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I was first introduced to those fantastic folks at the Thunderbird Clubhouse. I started working with them when they needed someone to design the inaugural fishing tournament flyer, and I like to think I’ve been a useful asset since. I…

Laura's closet

I’m a guest blogger!

By Laura | January 19, 2012

As you may know, I am employed at the OU in the College of Liberal Studies. Our focus is mostly older, “nontraditional” students with full time jobs and families and generally more going on than an average 19-year-old. So many students are either far away or just too busy to be part of a traditional…

1960's orange floral kitchen

Orange Kitchen (but not the 70’s kind)

By Laura | December 27, 2011

With the week and a half of time off ahead of me, I hope I can tackle some of my interiors. I have all these great ideas floating around in my head and I just can’t seem to get them all finished. Here’s one I did actually complete earlier this year. When I tried to…

Individually Christmas Holiday Wrapped Beers

Sneaky Christmas

By Laura | December 19, 2011

It’s almost Christmas time and I was completely surprised this year. I don’t usually travel much but this fall I went to Chicago and Las Vegas both. I’m pretty sure that’s what threw me off my house-decorating, present-buying, card-making, craft-crafting game this year. I actually still have wicker pumpkins and a resin skull in my…

Papercraft Paper ball

Paper Ball Attempt #1

By Laura | December 13, 2011

My awesome coworker and I tried to create something for a work-related holiday project. Not too bad, considering it’s just tissue-thin copy paper and highlighter. I’ll be sure to better document our construction process next time, it’s quite comical.

Bioshock Big Daddy and Splicer papercraft with Robot pencil sharpener

Nerd Papercrafts

By Laura | November 29, 2011

Not going to lie, I love papercrafts. I have them on my desk and people always ask about them… and if they don’t ask I can tell they totally want to. Of course being sort of a nerd, the ones on my desk are from a video game- you can see them there hanging out with…

handmade brown craft birthday card with buttons lace and punches

Fancy Birthday Card!

By Laura | October 24, 2011

I updated my Invitations + Cards page again to include a fancy fall birthday card for a coworker.

orange white punch lace bronze brad handmade Halloween card

Halloween Cards!

By Laura | October 22, 2011

I updated my Invitations + Cards page to include this year’s Halloween cards! About half the cards I made this year are pictured. Later I’ll probably separate the cards from reception invitations when I get all my invitations photographed.

Lindemans Pêche Lambic - Fruit Beer

Beverage-Induced Site Build > Regular Site Build

By Laura | July 30, 2011

This site is starting to look a lot like a site for a real designer now. That’s exactly the direction I was hoping it would go. Sometimes I get lost in the details and though those details add tiny bits of excitement to my projects, they rarely actually add much content. To avoid focusing on those before…

Pre-build concerns

Trying it out

By Laura | July 12, 2011

So I’m still working out the details of this site and I’m trying out this blog part. I’m not sure I’ll keep it up but I’ll at least be able to say I tried it! Blog or no blog, I’m excited to be working on a site dedicated solely to my design work. I’m expecting something like…

Hello world!

By Laura | July 12, 2011

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it or leave it and add all sorts of words in various colors to make it look a bit more interesting and test colors in your pallet but mostly to bother your husband who hates multi-color text, then start blogging! NOTE: This was the default post…