Nerd Papercrafts

Not going to lie, I love papercrafts. I have them on my desk and people always ask about them… and if they don’t ask I can tell they totally want to. Of course being sort of a nerd, the ones on my desk are from a video game- you can see them there hanging out with my pencil-sharpening-wind-up robot friend- but even people who don’t immediately recognize them can still appreciate their whimsy. One of my favorite places to get patterns is the Calendar-of-the-Month Club. I don’t know much about the design group’s commercial work, but I love their free patterns. 

Bioshock Big Daddy and Splicer papercraft with Robot pencil sharpener

UPDATE: Those swell folks at Scout Creative (who design the calendars) noted my link on their Facebook  page so I thought I should make sure to add a little more… below is the an image from this month’s calendar. Isn’t it fantastic!? I can’t wait for next month!

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