Pet party!

The down side to having adopted pets is that you never really know their whole history. Birthday, parents’ issues, actual breed or genealogy. Of course, the trade off is that you have fantastic pets that love you more than anything and you have the satisfaction knowing that you saved a life. The other good thing is…

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Origami Bunny!

Origami Rabbit by Maekawa

Just in time for Spring, make your very own little desk buddy! Origami is an amazing art form and I am always floored when I see the talent with which people design these amazing little pieces. Here’s the video with folder Sara Adams: From Happy Folding. The details say: Designer: Jun Maekawa Paper used in this video:…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Pretty covered boxes

pretty covered boxes - finished

A few weeks ago while I was waiting for my camera to charge so I could tackle my giant stack of potential eBay revenue, I decided I was tired of looking at my super trashy kitchen organization. Of course I still don’t have glass in the cabinet doors, but at least I can make what’s…

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Paper bouquet just in time for Spring!

Paper flowers - thumbnail

When it comes to keeping the attention of coworkers during boring monthly meetings, I’m not above bribing them with candy and bright colors. These quick homemade promotional flowers with our blog and Facebook addresses turned out even better than I imagined! They are a great use of your less desirable or stockpiled cardstock, plus they’re surprisingly simple!…

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Happy birthday, Friend!

handmade blue craft birthday card with buttons lace and punches

I created another Fancy Birthday Card a few days ago and I’ve been patiently waiting to post it. I didn’t get it to my friend in time for her birthday  and I didn’t want to spill the beans (the mail doesn’t run on Sundays… a fact I forgot when I was timing this card’s delivery). My…

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Star Wars Rock Buddies?

Star Wars painted rocks

This is pretty funny. I was looking for information on the 3D Star Wars release date for my husband when I stumbled on this little gem. Growing up with no cable and hand-me-down sweaters meant lots of cheap crafts and no video games (except for that kickass Atari 2600 my sister bought…. KEYSTONE KAPERS ALL THE WAY!).…

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Paper Ball Attempt #1

Papercraft Paper ball

My awesome coworker and I tried to create something for a work-related holiday project. Not too bad, considering it’s just tissue-thin copy paper and highlighter. I’ll be sure to better document our construction process next time, it’s quite comical.

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