New LONNY Magazine!

Lonnymag May 2012

One of my favorite design-related publications is Lonny Magazine. It’s an interior design magazine published only electronically and is 100% free. It’s a great source of inspiration, even if it is to just hurry up and finish my living room. For person who can’t seem to decide on one favorite genre of design (like me!) it…

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Design-In-Progress: TBCH Golf Tournament 2012

This year marks the 5th year the Thunderbird Clubhouse has held a golf tournament. Last year was the first year they had my help creating their flyer. This year they said, “Can you just change the date on last year’s? That way you don’t have to do any real work on it.” HA! As if…

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Gone Fishin’ 2012 part 2

THCB fishing tournament cartoon

In case you’re wondering… I did eventually finish that Thunderbird Clubhouse 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament cartoon. In fact, I’ve actually finished the whole flyer… and the registration… and the big posters…. and the tee shirt design (that’s right, this year we have SHIRTS!). Here’s the finished cartoon of Rowdy and his new lady friend Sheila.…

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Nifty Wallpapers from Elanor Grosch

Eleanor Grosch Wallpapers

Happy Monday! I think I’m finally over my allergy fit… of course, as I type that last part I can hear the landscapers approaching on their mowers, so we’ll see. Anyhow, one of my favorite blogs How About Orange recently posted a link to these 32 illustrated desktop wallpapers from Eleanor Grosch. Don’t you just love them?!…

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Design-In-Progress: Gone Fishin’ 2012

Thunderbird Clubhouse Fishing Tournament 2012 drawing in progress close up

It’s that time again! I almost can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I was first introduced to those fantastic folks at the Thunderbird Clubhouse. I started working with them when they needed someone to design the inaugural fishing tournament flyer, and I like to think I’ve been a useful asset since. I…

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Trying it out

Pre-build concerns

So I’m still working out the details of this site and I’m trying out this blog part. I’m not sure I’ll keep it up but I’ll at least be able to say I tried it! Blog or no blog, I’m excited to be working on a site dedicated solely to my design work. I’m expecting something like…

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