2013 Holiday Dining Room Decor and Centerpiece

2013 Holiday Dining Room - juniper topiary red lantern centerpiece - LauraAnneStone.com

Tomorrow the family I referenced in the hallway painting post will be here. I already have my mantle all worked out so the only other place I really wanted to spruce up was the dining room. You can see the stripes are gone and the creamy color I used on top of my 3 layers of…

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Jute Twine Wrapped Monogram Ampersand

Though I’ve been busy crafting and domestic-ing away, I haven’t had much time to actually blog about what I’ve done. I have a small backlog of projects that I’ll try to get posted, if for nothing else than to get the photos off my desktop. A few weekends ago, after some unsuccessful attempts to find…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Gifts for Pets (and using leftover craft scraps)

About two weeks ago I wrote about my pine cone door hanger. I’ve also crafted a few other things… Though I’m no longer a starving student, the crafty poor kid in me still likes making handmade gifts. While I was waiting for inspiration to strike looking through Martha Stewart’s homemade gift ideas, I found a Feather Cat Toy and…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Pine Cone Door Hanger

About this time last year I wrote about not decorating because I was busy… and lazy. But mostly busy. Anyhow, this year I’ve been just as busy but I’ve done much better. Because the door had been naked since Halloween, I decided start there. I didn’t want to get out on Black Friday so I decided to…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Orange Burlap Halloween Ruffle Wreath

Last fall I kept telling myself I’d get around to making seasonal decorations but it just never seemed to happen, so today I decided to use my do-nothing Sunday to craft something seasonal. I can’t take the credit for inventing this, I saw it somewhere a while ago, but I will take credit for making…

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New (job and) terrarium

I found myself an exciting new job at my university. I’m now working with my College of Architecture spinning many plates. Mostly PR, e-community management, event planning, web and print graphic design and probably a whole host of other things I’ll run into on the way. Anyhow, sometime toward the end of last year I picked up…

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Origami Bunny!

Origami Rabbit by Maekawa

Just in time for Spring, make your very own little desk buddy! Origami is an amazing art form and I am always floored when I see the talent with which people design these amazing little pieces. Here’s the video with folder Sara Adams: From Happy Folding. The details say: Designer: Jun Maekawa Paper used in this video:…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Pretty covered boxes

pretty covered boxes - finished

A few weeks ago while I was waiting for my camera to charge so I could tackle my giant stack of potential eBay revenue, I decided I was tired of looking at my super trashy kitchen organization. Of course I still don’t have glass in the cabinet doors, but at least I can make what’s…

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