A real Finkton?

CAUTION: Nerd alert! I ran across a photo I’m sure I’ve seen but somehow didn’t really notice until I saw it after a night of playing Bioshock Infinite (again… for like the twelfth time, literally). As I’m sure I’ve noted, I’m the person who nerds out for more than the gameplay. I’m enamored with the architecture and atmosphere…

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Star Wars Rock Buddies?

Star Wars painted rocks

This is pretty funny. I was looking for information on the 3D Star Wars release date for my husband when I stumbled on this little gem. Growing up with no cable and hand-me-down sweaters meant lots of cheap crafts and no video games (except for that kickass Atari 2600 my sister bought…. KEYSTONE KAPERS ALL THE WAY!).…

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Nerd Papercrafts

Bioshock Big Daddy and Splicer papercraft with Robot pencil sharpener

Not going to lie, I love papercrafts. I have them on my desk and people always ask about them… and if they don’t ask I can tell they totally want to. Of course being sort of a nerd, the ones on my desk are from a video game- you can see them there hanging out with…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it or leave it and add all sorts of words in various colors to make it look a bit more interesting and test colors in your pallet but mostly to bother your husband who hates multi-color text, then start blogging! NOTE: This was the default post…

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