More design posts on the way!

Happy Campers | We're In Tents

I’ve not had very many design-related posts lately. Work was running me dry so my energy was depleted by 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday. On weekends the house usually bogarts our time, which I’m alright with since I love it so much and all, but it just leaves so little time for actual creative design. Well,…

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2013 Holiday Dining Room Decor and Centerpiece

2013 Holiday Dining Room - juniper topiary red lantern centerpiece -

Tomorrow the family I referenced in the hallway painting post will be here. I already have my mantle all worked out so the only other place I really wanted to spruce up was the dining room. You can see the stripes are gone and the creamy color I used on top of my 3 layers of…

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Adam and Dylan

I spent some time with my nephews while my sister and her family were in town. Below is a pretty good depiction of the week….

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Nerd Papercrafts

Bioshock Big Daddy and Splicer papercraft with Robot pencil sharpener

Not going to lie, I love papercrafts. I have them on my desk and people always ask about them… and if they don’t ask I can tell they totally want to. Of course being sort of a nerd, the ones on my desk are from a video game- you can see them there hanging out with…

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Halloween Cards!

orange white punch lace bronze brad handmade Halloween card

I updated my Invitations + Cards page to include this year’s Halloween cards! About half the cards I made this year are pictured. Later I’ll probably separate the cards from reception invitations when I get all my invitations photographed.

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