Easy DIY Paper Costumes!

Sometimes I wish I could just go to work with a bag on my head. Think of the time savings! No powder, no flat iron, no daily struggle to with your eyeliner to stop skimping on one eye and splurging on the other, actually you wouldn’t even really have to worry that you washed all of the makeup off from yesterday (though I guess after one day of bag-face you’d really eliminate that problem).

Anyway, we are having a Halloween Potluck at work and since I have no idea what I’ll wear, these are looking better and better… if only I could find a paper bag big enough….

Don’t be fooled though, these adorable paper costumes don’t need to be relegated to just Halloween, they’d be a fun way to craft away a chilly fall weekend. Because I have no children, I don’t usually stumble on these types of blogs; but because I have nephews, I love when I see something they’d like. Maybe I’ll keep my eye on this one for some good holiday gifts.

Photo credit: Weeblog, www.weesociety.com

See how to make these little darlings at WeeBlog from Wee Society.

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