Easy DIY Paper Costumes!

Sometimes I wish I could just go to work with a bag on my head. Think of the time savings! No powder, no flat iron, no daily struggle to with your eyeliner to stop skimping on one eye and splurging on the other, actually you wouldn’t even really have to worry that you washed all of the…

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WEEKEND PROJECT: Orange Burlap Halloween Ruffle Wreath

Last fall I kept telling myself I’d get around to making seasonal decorations but it just never seemed to happen, so today I decided to use my do-nothing Sunday to craft something seasonal. I can’t take the credit for inventing this, I saw it somewhere a while ago, but I will take credit for making…

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Origami Bunny!

Origami Rabbit by Maekawa

Just in time for Spring, make your very own little desk buddy! Origami is an amazing art form and I am always floored when I see the talent with which people design these amazing little pieces. Here’s the video with folder Sara Adams: From Happy Folding. The details say: Designer: Jun Maekawa Paper used in this video:…

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Oreo Truffles!

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Truffles Sprinkles

My co-work-blogger and I have, at this point, totally hijacked our college’s blog in an effort to create better, more interesting content so we can interact with and better serve our students and alumni. This week’s engaging, family-friendly content was a simple recipe for a sweet Valentine’s Day-themed foodstuff crafty craft. We spent Super Bowl Sunday…

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Sneaky Christmas

Individually Christmas Holiday Wrapped Beers

It’s almost Christmas time and I was completely surprised this year. I don’t usually travel much but this fall I went to Chicago and Las Vegas both. I’m pretty sure that’s what threw me off my house-decorating, present-buying, card-making, craft-crafting game this year. I actually still have wicker pumpkins and a resin skull in my…

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Paper Ball Attempt #1

Papercraft Paper ball

My awesome coworker and I tried to create something for a work-related holiday project. Not too bad, considering it’s just tissue-thin copy paper and highlighter. I’ll be sure to better document our construction process next time, it’s quite comical.

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Halloween Cards!

orange white punch lace bronze brad handmade Halloween card

I updated my Invitations + Cards page to include this year’s Halloween cards! About half the cards I made this year are pictured. Later I’ll probably separate the cards from reception invitations when I get all my invitations photographed.

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