Windows Pt. 2 – New Casing Frame Installation

So with everything removed it was time to build a frame.

Measuring the rotten and partially replaced structure in the wall would be extremely impractical if not impossible – and honestly just the thought of trying to figure out where everything went makes my stomach turn even now. So those geniuses, Jeremiah and his dad, used the old frame as a sort of jig, laying it flat in the driveway and building the new frame on top.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left to use and what was there was soft and rotten, so they took extra care to preserve what was left of the original.

Antique Window Restoration -

Original (rotted) window casing frame

Antique Window Restoration -

Rot on the original window casing frame

Once they built the frame, we still had to install the window weight pulleys. We thought this would be very complicated, involving the router and some serious measurements. Then we knocked out the old pulleys and learned how they did it originally: four holes drilled in a line. Oh the simplicity!

Antique Window Restoration -

Four holes drilled in sequence to accommodate the window weight pulleys

With the pulleys removed, we knocked them into place and then re-installed the new casing frame.

Antique Window Restoration -

Window sash weight pulley

Antique Window Restoration -

Installing the window sash weight pulley // Very high-tech

Oh happy day! And what a long day that was. I don’t think I’ve been as exhausted as I was that day. It was the day that I kept telling myself, “This is a test, and I’ll be damned if this house is going to beat me.”

Antique Window Restoration -

New rebuilt window casing frame ready for install!

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