Though this blog has not been updated in a few years, the posts with historic restoration project information is still regularly visited so I've continued to keep it available. I hope to post additional how-to and preservation projects in the future.

It’s that time again… TBCH Golf 2013

By Laura | June 18, 2013

… for the TBCH Golf Tourney! Or at least the publicity design for the tournament. Though my only experience with golf involves cussing and pounding my clubs into the ground at the driving range (in hindsight, probably unappreciated by my fellow drivers), Thunderbird Clubhouse lets me do whatever I want when it comes to design.…

National Donut Day!

By Laura | June 7, 2013

Happy National Donut Day! Norman donut resources.


By Laura | May 21, 2013

Right-click an image to save it to your desktop. I’m a Sooner, but we’re all Okies. Want to know more? See Google Image here.

Jute Twine Wrapped Monogram Ampersand

By Laura | April 20, 2013

Though I’ve been busy crafting and domestic-ing away, I haven’t had much time to actually blog about what I’ve done. I have a small backlog of projects that I’ll try to get posted, if for nothing else than to get the photos off my desktop. A few weekends ago, after some unsuccessful attempts to find…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Laura | February 14, 2013

I ♥ Valentine’s Day…. so does my wood rose wreath.

WEEKEND PROJECT: Fluffy Tissue Paper Valentine Wreath

By Laura | February 9, 2013

A few weeks ago I decided to try a tissue paper wreath. It’s pretty easy and, for me, pretty cheap. I’ve been trying to use up my craft scraps and this was a good way to use up all my single sheets of pink tissue paper… plus some white… and some retail sheets that ended…

WEEKEND PROJECT: Gifts for Pets (and using leftover craft scraps)

By Laura | December 23, 2012

About two weeks ago I wrote about my pine cone door hanger. I’ve also crafted a few other things… Though I’m no longer a starving student, the crafty poor kid in me still likes making handmade gifts. While I was waiting for inspiration to strike looking through Martha Stewart’s homemade gift ideas, I found a Feather Cat Toy and…

WEEKEND PROJECT: Pine Cone Door Hanger

By Laura | December 10, 2012

About this time last year I wrote about not decorating because I was busy… and lazy. But mostly busy. Anyhow, this year I’ve been just as busy but I’ve done much better. Because the door had been naked since Halloween, I decided start there. I didn’t want to get out on Black Friday so I decided to…

Annie Git Yer Cardstock!

By Laura | November 1, 2012

My state recently decided something called “Open Carry” is a good idea and today is the day it goes into effect. Coincidentally, it’s also Dia de los Muertos. Anyway, because I don’t have much care in gun laws one way or the other, I’ll celebrate it like I celebrate anything else I don’t know much…

Easy DIY Paper Costumes!

By Laura | October 19, 2012

Sometimes I wish I could just go to work with a bag on my head. Think of the time savings! No powder, no flat iron, no daily struggle to with your eyeliner to stop skimping on one eye and splurging on the other, actually you wouldn’t even really have to worry that you washed all of the…

WEEKEND PROJECT: Orange Burlap Halloween Ruffle Wreath

By Laura | September 23, 2012

Last fall I kept telling myself I’d get around to making seasonal decorations but it just never seemed to happen, so today I decided to use my do-nothing Sunday to craft something seasonal. I can’t take the credit for inventing this, I saw it somewhere a while ago, but I will take credit for making…

Etsy vs. eBay?

By Laura | September 2, 2012

As I’m sure it’s listed somewhere on this site, I have a vintage resale shop powered through eBay named Pink Laurel Vintage. I started it when I was working from home as a way to suplement my income as a freelance designer. It actually started taking up as much or more of my time so it’s…