Though this blog has not been updated in a few years, the posts with historic restoration project information is still regularly visited so I've continued to keep it available. I hope to post additional how-to and preservation projects in the future.

Windows Pt. 5 – Interior Plaster Wall Repair

By Laura | August 23, 2014

Because when it rains it pours, as demonstrated on day two of this three-month project, the water and neglect had caused the plaster keys to break which allowed the wall to bow out significantly. The cracks this caused were masked with drywall texture some years back but the wall was never properly repaired. Traditional plaster washers…

Windows Pt. 4 – Sash and Exterior Trim Installation

By Laura | August 2, 2014

With the repaired sashes and new casing frame compete, it was time to finally get rid of the chipboard window. We took final measurements, positioned the sashes, and restrung and hung the window weights. With the window stops all positioned correctly, we could install the new exterior trim. Although I’m sort of a purist when…

Windows Pt. 3 – Sash Repair

By Laura | July 19, 2014

When we moved in, my mother gave us a book titled Working Windows by a man named Mr. Window. Actually I think his real name is Terry Meany, but he refers to himself as Mr. Window. Anyway, the book has diagrams, examples and all sorts of helpful information about repairing and restoring antique windows. I highly recommend it…

Windows Pt. 2 – New Casing Frame Installation

By Laura | July 5, 2014

So with everything removed it was time to build a frame. Measuring the rotten and partially replaced structure in the wall would be extremely impractical if not impossible – and honestly just the thought of trying to figure out where everything went makes my stomach turn even now. So those geniuses, Jeremiah and his dad, used the old frame as…

Happy Campers | We're In Tents

More design posts on the way!

By Laura | June 30, 2014

I’ve not had very many design-related posts lately. Work was running me dry so my energy was depleted by 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday. On weekends the house usually bogarts our time, which I’m alright with since I love it so much and all, but it just leaves so little time for actual creative design. Well,…

A crap storm – literally

By Laura | June 23, 2014

Before I get to the casing frame rebuild, did I mention it rained the night after we started this project? No? Oh, well let me elaborate. We went to bed sometime after midnight knowing the city was expecting rain. Except it wasn’t rain, it was a watery nightmare. A blowing, pouring, lighting-and-thunder show, movie-style nightmare…

Windows Pt. 1 – Discovery & Demolition

By Laura | June 21, 2014

“I guess I’ll tackle these windows this weekend since I have Friday off,” said a man to his wife as they were about to embark on a harrowing project. The front windows had drippy upper sashes, we assumed because they were caulked and painted shut without being properly closed (hence the need for Window Wieners I made…

Quick and easy reupholstered dining chairs

By Laura | May 24, 2014

Our lovely dining table was reupholstered sometime likely in the 1990s with a sort of satiny jacquard fabric in navy blue with a gold and red pattern. The table is so formal that I wanted something a little less formal to soften the room. I loaded up a cushion and headed to the upholstery and drapery…

Anniversary dishes!

By Laura | May 9, 2014

For our anniversary, my husband tried to surprise me with dishes he picked out all on his own from Pottery Barn. He even went to the trouble of hiding them in the attic. Unfortunately he forgot that when he gave them my rewards number, it emails me the receipt. I was surprised nonetheless, but just…

Vintage liquor bottles -

Exploring the crawlspace

By Laura | January 20, 2014

While attaching plywood to the basement wall so I could install wire shelves (more about that later), Jeremiah and his dad noticed some bottles in the crawlspace under the living room. The space spans the entire length of the house and about a third of the width, with the access panel being a little broken door panel located…

Cleaning woodwork

By Laura | January 12, 2014

I’m grateful for the former owner’s restraint when it came to remodeling. I love that the bathroom tiles have crazing, I love that the floors creak, I even love that the bathtub has a round top that makes balancing shampoo and razors on the edge nearly impossible. The only thing I don’t love so much…

Mortise Locks

By Laura | January 3, 2014

The front french doors didn’t latch in the living room so I dug out an old lock I found somewhere years ago. I thought “I’ll just switch these locks out really quick.” Nope. I keep forgetting that nothing is standard in this house. Sometimes, even when things look the same size, the don’t really “match”…